CRIMES OF PASSION

Inspired by true stories and fuelled by tabloid sensation, Crimes of Passion is a tongue in cheek fumble with the topics of polyamory, violent relationships, and raw unbridled emotion.

Conditioned from birth as to what we are supposed to feel, and how to act accordingly, many of us subconsciously suppress the nastiest of our thoughts and desires. What happens when we loosen our grip on that control?

Misogynistic media outlets play a key role in the way we approach such cases, highlighting the shame surrounding the act. This space is shame free.

Crimes of Passion takes an empathetic stance alongside those so overcome with feeling, they simply cannot hold back. Let us seek comfort in the clichés and collectively wallow in the dark crevices of love.
Crimes of passion was first shown at BOLD gallery in Berlin 2015.

Clara Harris - 2004 (USA)

“I didn’t want to kill him”

Clara Harris and David Harris shared a thriving orthodontic practice in Texas. Clara suspected her husband of having an affair with his secretary and hired a private investigator, who tailed the pair to a hotel rendezvous. This particular hotel was the same one that Clara and David had been married in. She drove to confront him at the scene and as he exited the building, she “snapped” and repeatedly ran over him in her Mercedes-Benz, with her stepdaughter on the backseat.

Clara was found guilty of murder on Valentine’s Day, sentenced to 20 years in prison, and fined $10,000.

knife copy.jpg

Adolfo Martinez - 2011 (SPAIN)

“Nobody can ever understand how deep our connection was”

Adolfo Martinez and his young lover, the model Iván Garcia, were in a polyamorous relationship and had been living together for over a year at Martinez’ house in Madrid. Martinez caught his partner engaging in sexual activities on the property, with an unknown bear type.

Iván’s body was discovered the next day, floating naked in the pool. Martinez  later confessed to strangling Iván, stating that he had struggled with the power dynamics of the relationship. He is currently serving time for murder.


Lisa Marie Nowark - 2007 (USA)

“Even astronauts fall crazily in love”

Lisa Marie Nowak is a former Naval Flight officer and NASA astronaut who flew aboard Space Shuttle Discovery. Nowark, married with three children, was cheating on her husband with fellow astronaut William Oefelein.  After two years Oefelein grew tired of Nowark and took a new lover, mutual college US Airforce Captain Colleen Shipman.

Her love rival Shipman, was due to arrive at Orlando Airport on February 5th. Nowak disguised her identity with a black wig and, wearing adult diapers so she wouldn’t have to stop for bathroom breaks, and drove 900 miles across the country to meet her.

Nowak attacked Shipman in the airport parking lot, before police interrupted the incident and arrested her on the spot. Ammunition, latex gloves, pepper spray, garbage bags, a hammer, a knife and gun were discovered in her car.


Amy Fisher - 1992 (USA)

“I just did something totally irrational. Believe me, rational people don’t go to do something like that in the middle of the day. It’s just insane.”

Amy Fisher, branded the “Long Island Lolita” by the media, was a 17 year old
high school senior who was having an affair with mechanic Joey Buttafuoco, 38.

Fisher shot Mary Jo Buttafuoco, his wife, in the head at the couples residence. Described by the police, Mary Jo had “a miraculous recovery.”

After 6 years in prison, Fisher went on to pursue a career in porn.


Lorena Bobbitt - 1993 (USA)

“He always have orgasm, and he doesn’t wait for me to have orgasm,”

Lorena Bobbitt was married to John Wayne Bobbitt, an abusive alcoholic. She chopped off her husband’s penis with a kitchen knife one night after he raped her. As John lay in bed bleeding, too drunk to move, Lorena drove her car along the highway, penis in the passenger seat. Lorena threw the severed member out of the window and onto a dark field, then panicked and dialled 911. The lost penis was retrieved after some searching, packed on ice and rushed to hospital, then reattached to John´s body during a 9 hour surgery.

Lorena was found not guilty due to temporary insanity and, after spending 45 days at mental hospital, she was free to go and file for divorce.


Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes - 1994 (USA)

“I had to put my socks on. He didn’t want anyone to see my feet. You know, that kind of thing.”

Lisa Left Eye Lopes (TLC) set fire to her boyfriend Andre Rison’s sneakers in the bathtub of their shared mansion. Flames spread to the rest of the property which was ultimately destroyed. Lisa claimed that Rison was physically and mentally abusive, and that he had beaten her following a night out, causing her to lose her temper and start the fire.

The couple remained together after the incident.


Ruth Ellis - 1955 (ENGLAND)

“It is quite clear to me that I was not the person who shot him. When I saw myself with the revolver I knew I was another person.”

Ruth Ellis was a nightclub hostess and manager. Her younger lover David Blakely caused her to miscarry their 3 month old child after he punched her in the stomach. The following day, she killed him by firing 5 shots from a 38 Smith & Wesson revolver.

Ruth Ellis was the last woman to be hanged in England, on July 13 in Holloway Prison.


Allevi Tranquillo - 1973 (ITALY)

“…Allevi crumpled to the floor. He was racked with spasms and gasping for breath.”

Tranquillo Allevi´s wife Renata was known for having many lovers and admirers outside her marriage. One man, wrought with jealousy, the veterinary surgeon Dr. Renzo Ferrari, poisoned Tranquillo by injecting 6 grams of strychnine into a bottle of aperitif, which was delivered to his door. Allevi drank the poison and died August, 1973.


O.J Simpson - 1994 (USA)

“I didn’t beat her. I just pushed her out of bed.”

On the evening of June 12th, O.J Simpson´s wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her younger lover, the waiter Ronald Lyle Goldman, were found stabbed to death in their Los Angeles home.

The jury found Simpson not guilty of murder on October 3, 1995. Afterwards he wrote a book titled “If I did it”.